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Anglicanism: the loveless communion can't go on forever

Big news from the religion front. The Archbishop of Canterbury said some nice things to PinkNews including saying that it’s “great” that gay couples can now get married.

Which any intelligent, reasonable person would see as basically him trying to do some conciliation to the liberal wing of the CofE. The least drama-inducing way of interpreting his remark is that he’s happy that same-sex couples can get married, even though he’s opposed to same-sex marriage. Which is a nice enough sentiment.

But this is religion, not known for being an arena where intelligent and reasonable people dominate the dialogue. People are throwing a bit of a fit about it.

As an atheist who couldn’t give a flying fuck whether the Church of England approves of gay marriage or whether it prefers Marmite or jam on its toast or whatever else it gets steamed up about every week or so, the whole thing is tremendously entertaining to watch.

The Anglican Communion has become a loveless marriage. They are going to split up eventually. Watching them trying desperately to keep their shit show on the road is very entertaining if you are a particularly cynical person. Christ, it’s barely 11am in London and I already want to get drunk.

Say what you will about Indian politics, I can’t imagine Gordon Brown or David Cameron ever saying that an election “deepened the foundations of our democratic polity”, especially after they just lost it.

God gave you free will so you can follow the plan he decided for you long before your birth exactly to the letter. Because that’s freedom.

Spotify’s Web Player is infuriating. I have the desktop application installed. I click a link to It takes me to the web player rather than the desktop app. I have to log into the web player, then tell the web player to open the the links in the desktop version. I don’t remain logged into the web player, because I use the desktop version.

Quite how a company like Spotify can screw up such a simple thing is fairly astounding.

Very sad to hear that David Armstrong has died. I’ve written most of the Wikipedia article about him and he’s one of my favourite philosophical writers: technically impressive but clear, comprehensive in scope and always insightful.

Amanda Marcotte: “The idea that there could be a pope who is not clinging to a harshly medieval point of view but ready to move into the modern world is so appealing that of course we’re going to grasp onto any evidence, no matter how tenuous, that suggests that Pope Francis might be the one. Unfortunately, we’re kidding ourselves.”

Guess what? Francis’ actions don’t line up with his pious words. All of which will be ignored because progressive liberal types treat Francis as Tinker Bell.

Brooklyn Museum have pulled all their content from Flickr Commons and moved it to Wikimedia Commons. It’s great that the content is now available on Wikimedia Commons—I certainly trust Wikimedia to care about long-term thinking more than Flickr and Yahoo!—but I share Jeremy’s perplexity at the decision to proactively remove the content from Flickr.

Just published a new version of mf2py on PyPI.

Version 0.2.0 merges in the excellent work done by Kartik Prabhu and Kyle Mahan (who maintains mf2util). Due to work and laziness, I’ve been very slack in actually reviewing their code but I hope pushing out a new alpha release means others can start using their hard work.

A picture of London: the Bunga Bunga Bar.

Bunga Bunga Bar

In order to try and prompt myself into taking and publishing more photos, I’m going to try and upload a daily picture from London. Some of these will be images I’ve posted on Wikimedia Commons, others that aren’t suitable for Commons.

Here’s the first one: the Bunga Bunga Bar in Battersea, a Silvio Berlusconi-themed bar and pizza restaurant. Inside, pictures of topless women surround the bar and cocktails are served from chinaware shaped like Mr Berlusconi’s head.

Trying out UberX in London. Was a bit busy working and realised I was going to be late for a dinner engagement. Car arrived promptly and driver seems to know where he is going. Quoted fare is very reasonable too.

The second best thing about Conchita winning Eurovision after pissing off Putin: watching straight people on Twitter getting their knickers in a twist about pronoun usage.

Let me explain this very, very slowly for you. Conchita Wurst is a drag queen. That’s a man who dresses up in women’s clothes in order to perform as a female character. The man is named Thomas Neuwirth. Conchita is a stage performance, a character. So why are people using feminine pronouns like “she” and “her”? Because that’s the intended gender of the character. Duh. The properties of a character someone plays aren’t always the same as the properties of the performer. We don’t think that because Harry Potter is a wizard, so is Daniel Radcliffe because he played Harry Potter in films.

I know this is very confusing for idiots, but it’s pretty fucking simple: man in a dress pretending to be a woman, but with a beard to say “fuck you” to gender stereotypes.

Simple Eurovision explanation for Americans: Europe gets together, collectively gets drunk and tells Russia to fuck off by voting for an Austrian drag queen in a televised musical talent show. This is a minor improvement over bombing the shit out of each other.

France’s Eurovision entry retroactively explains the creation of the guillotine. They should bring it up to date and add Snapchat integration.