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Bad news: Parliament voted down measures to make sex and relationship education required in British schools. Instead of comprehensive, rounded and LGBT-inclusive, British schools can continue to teach a minimal battery of reproductive biology combined with a tissue of religiously-inspired propaganda and call it education in order to satisfy the concerns of “faith communities”. In Britain not offending religious people is apparently a more important public policy outcome than teaching students that gay people are human, how to negotiate sexual consent and how to not get sexually transmitted diseases.

Remember everybody, rape culture isn’t real.

Given that, it’s very curious why someone speaking out against hiring a convicted rapist is threatened with—you guessed it—rape! Humanity, you suck.

Why you need less interactivity

Last night, someone posted a story on IRC that was rather shocking.

Teen arrested for rape of 5-year-old in McDonald’s play area.

A 13-year-old boy has been arrested for the rape of a 5-year-old girl at a McDonald’s Playland in southern Ohio, police said Friday.

I’m not often shocked by news stories, but that’s a ghastly story. Anyway, so I’m reading through it. What do I see at the bottom?

Sigh. Just what you want to see after reading about a five-year-old being raped: a row of smiley faces. I’m surprised I wasn’t asked to “Like” the accused rapist on Facebook. I once found on some social network that I could “Like” the topic of “Violence against LGBT people”. Really.

There’s a reason designers praise whitespace: that’s because having absolutely nothing on a page is often a much better thing to have than the idiocy some social media consultant comes up with.

Next time some asshole in management tells you that you need to add social media features, ask them to come up with the most shocking content that you might ever potentially have on the site and ask them whether they still want goofy smileys and “Like this” buttons after it.