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Ed Brayton: "Roy Moore is not your average Christian, he is a genuine and actual theo-fascist. He really does believe that judges should ignore both statutory and constitutional law if they conflict with his interpretation of "God's law". And he really does believe that gay people should be imprisoned or put to death. And yes, I do believe that anyone who subscribes to such a position can fairly be described as an ignorant bigot."

Ian got a disgusting flyer from the BNP the other day: "YOUR COUNCIL IS RUN BY GAYS ! ...NO WONDER THEY LOVE THE MUSLIMS AND THE BLACKS!" Are they even trying to hide their racism anymore? I thought they were all shirts and shoes now...

Exodus International, the "ex-gay ministry" which, like the other ex-gay ministries, has some very stupid beliefs, has been legally harrassing it's critics - notably one parody which was a billboard saying "Straight? Unhappy?". What's so amusing about it is that the body who were arguing against free speech are called the "Liberty Counsel", who seem to have this policy which could be broadly summed up as "if you don't believe in evangelical Christianity, you don't deserve liberty". Perhaps they could become the Limited Liberty Counsel or the Loss of Liberties Counsel. If you are interested in the actions of the ex-gay movement, check out Ex-Gay Watch. There's some scary stuff going on.

Austin Cline is discussing how the Religious Right have a "gay fetish". Sorry, but I am trying to wash the vision of Pat Robertson in leather chaps and chains, whipping Jerry Falwell's ass with a tawse, out of my head. Perhaps Bill Dembski and Behe could be the cowboys from "Brokeback Mountain with Specified Complexity".

Richard Evans Lee on Islamists and the tsunami. It's not just gays who cause disasters, apparently, it's women too! That narrows it down to the trannies and the straight guys.

If you only read one story today, read how an anti-gay Southern Baptist pastor was arrested for soliciting a male prostitute. "I wanted to hook up with a rent-boy. Give me an hallelujah!"

Austin Cline has a review of a book called Created Equal: Why Gay Rights Matter to America and he says: "The Christian Right regularly accuses gays of trying to 'recruit' young people into the homosexual lifestyle. For such Christians, it's inconceivable that people would be gay simply because it's what's most natural for them - being gay must be something like a movement which one is converted to by current members. The truth, however, is that Christian Right are the ones doing the recruiting." Yep, and certain dispositions - homosexuality being one of them - don't aid said recruitment.

Ah, another day, another story about the repulsiveness of the Catholic Church. What do you think about this, Cardinal O'Brien? I don't want to get married and I don't want kids. Does it matter if I'm gay or straight? I don't want a family. Does my desire for a childfree, non-married life undermine your "values"? If not, drop me a postcard and tell me how I can.