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drum and bass

🎵 Currently playing: Makoto - Human Elements 5th Anniversary Mix

🎵 Currently playing: Apobothra’s Good Looking mixtape

Because everyone needs more drum and bass in their life. Especially from the talented Mr. Bukem.

🎵 Currently playing: LTJ Bukem July 2015 mix from Tom Ravenscroft show.

Absolutely bloody amazing.

🎵 Currently playing: Makoto - Music Has Never Let Me Down.

Tomorrow, I’m off to the Royal Albert Hall in London to see Distant Worlds, a concert of music from the Final Fantasy games. To get in the mood for it, I’ve been listening to Final Fantasy music. Here’s a particularly good drum’n’bass reinterpretation of the Jenova theme from Final Fantasy VII. Enjoy.

Funky Technicians – Airtight (remix) is my current coding music of choice.

Bukem’s Box, a fantastic mix of sounds from liquid drum’n’bass legend LTJ Bukem. The reworking at the end of Return to Atlantis is amazing.

Currently listening: Roni Size and Reprazent — In the Mode. Ghetto Celebrity is great.

Trying out Amazon’s Cloud Music service. Works great.