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Death means a lot of bureaucracy on Wikipedia

When someone dies, on their Wikipedia article a diligent editor is supposed to update the following things:

  • the prose of the article, adding it to the lead and possibly to the ‘Personal life’ section or creating a ‘Death’ section if their death is particularly worth discussing
  • the infobox (if present)
  • the invisible PERSONDATA template
  • the entry on Wikidata
  • the categories (to remove the Living people category and adding the category that corresponds to the year they died, e.g. 2015 deaths)
  • the ‘living’ property of Template:WikiProject Biography (if present)
  • the article listing deaths this year, e.g. Deaths in 2015
  • their category on Wikimedia Commons (if they have one)

Remember: repetition never leads to inconsistency and invisible metadata never becomes out-of-date. I’m currently running a bot to check a number of these sources against each other.