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Professional moron and banana enthusiast Kirk Cameron has gone full Westboro:

God hates gay people. God hates fags, and you’re going to hell.

What it lacks in ‘love thy neighbour’ it makes up in honesty I guess. The whole “love the sinner hate the sin” thing has always been such disingenuous bollocks.

In Idaho, kids are dying because of religion, and nothing will change because that’s their religious freedom. “Pro-life”, remember.

Hobby Lobby contra Aquinas

American lady-friends: do you work for nutty Christians who wish to deny you the ability to get access to birth control pills because the company has suddenly decided it has strongly-held moral beliefs (even though you’ve never seen the Corporate Person attend church)?

Politely explain to them that you are not taking the Pill for its contraceptive effect, but are instead using it for its cancer-reducing properties. Because you are pro-life, you believe in trying to extend your life by reducing your risk of endometrial and/or ovarian cancer, as well as reducing menstrual pain. The contraceptive effect is a foreseen but unintended consequence of the use of the Pill.

If they challenge this, point out to them that the Doctrine of Double Effect has been an important part of the Christian ethical tradition since St Thomas wrote the Summa Theologica, and you are surprised that given the Bearer of Corporate Personhood has such strong religious beliefs, it has never come across Aquinas…

Anglicanism: the loveless communion can't go on forever

Big news from the religion front. The Archbishop of Canterbury said some nice things to PinkNews including saying that it’s “great” that gay couples can now get married.

Which any intelligent, reasonable person would see as basically him trying to do some conciliation to the liberal wing of the CofE. The least drama-inducing way of interpreting his remark is that he’s happy that same-sex couples can get married, even though he’s opposed to same-sex marriage. Which is a nice enough sentiment.

But this is religion, not known for being an arena where intelligent and reasonable people dominate the dialogue. People are throwing a bit of a fit about it.

As an atheist who couldn’t give a flying fuck whether the Church of England approves of gay marriage or whether it prefers Marmite or jam on its toast or whatever else it gets steamed up about every week or so, the whole thing is tremendously entertaining to watch.

The Anglican Communion has become a loveless marriage. They are going to split up eventually. Watching them trying desperately to keep their shit show on the road is very entertaining if you are a particularly cynical person. Christ, it’s barely 11am in London and I already want to get drunk.

Jim DeMint is on the Religious Wrong

Senator Jim DeMint on the U.S. Senate doing business in the run-up to Christmas:

It’s sacrilegious. What’s going on here is just wrong. This is the most sacred holiday for Christians.

Now, here I was thinking it was Easter that was the most sacred holiday for Christians. You know, Judas betraying Jesus, Pilate, the denial of Peter, the cross, the empty tomb, resurrection on the third day, ascension, Lamb of God, Stations of the Cross, all that. You can chuck all the Christmas story out and still be a Christian, but the evangelists always tell you that if the resurrection didn’t happen, all that prayer and religion stuff is a waste of your time.1

I mean, it’s so sacred a holiday that Oliver Cromwell banned celebrations of Christmas.

But what do I know? I only went to Catholic school and studied religion and theology at university. I’m a goddamn hellbound atheist heathen and I know your religion better than you do, Senator DeMint. As the kids say, FAIL.

When the anti nuclear proliferation treaty between Russia and the U.S. falls apart, feel free to blame Senator Jim “I fell asleep in Sunday School” DeMint.

Perhaps he meant to say it is the most sacred holiday for retailers.

  1. There’s a few highly questionable assumptions there too. Like that God’s nature and the whole soteriological scheme is exactly how evangelicals say it is. I kinda don’t buy that, which makes the whole thing come tumbling down. But now’s not the time and place for that.

George Carey Launches I Am Not Ashamed Leaflet — a good take-down of the ‘OMG Christians are being persecuted’ bullshit.