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You think corporate mission statements and enumerations of company ‘values’ are moronic now? Now the people who write them include bloody hashtags in amongst their insipid prose.

My local pharmacist recommended me a homeopathic treatment. I may as well just flush a fiver down the loo for all the good it is likely to do. That said, alternative medicine has done harm in this case: the fact that my local pharmacist recommends non-medicine to me means I trust him less than I did before.

The Guardian’s challenge to the government over the publication of Prince Charles’ political letters is soon to reach its conclusion with a decision from the Supreme Court. What a colossal mess Charles has made here. It’s now cost the government £275,000 in legal expenses to prevent the publication of the his letters to the previous government on the dubious logic that since the Prince is a priori politically neutral, publishing the letters might bring such a thought into doubt, and so we must therefore prevent publication because nothing can disagree with our Important Constitutional Principles, even if they are in practice complete bollocks.

The sheer logical absurdity that Prince Charles has forced the government—including the usually reasonable Dominic Grieve in his role as the former Attorney General—into committing to cover up his mess shows that he is not fit for being King. If only we had some kind of system where someone so obviously incompetent could be prevented from taking the job of Head of State by the citizens in a democratic process.

Oh well: it’s not like we can do anything—we have to keep the old geezer around to defend our faith(s) (including the faith of sticking coffee up your bum to cure cancer) otherwise tourists won’t visit London, just like how tourists don’t visit Paris because the French don’t have a monarchy or something.

Sonic-Pi is LOGO for the dubstep generation. It’s really cool and it makes me love computers in a way that parallels how dealing with big enterprise software makes me hate computers.

What I’d really like: a syntax highlighting mode for my editor that leaves folded any Java methods that are simply getters or setters (by using some simple measure of cyclomatic complexity or static analysis) so I can quickly see which bits of (usually other people’s Java code) are actual doing something meaningful and which bits are just pointless filler. You can’t just do it based on methods that are prefixed “get” or “set” because sometimes those are actually doing something.

For Vim, there’s already a getter and setter generator. Until everyone starts using Project Lombok (or maybe just Scala) some way to quickly filter the wheat from the chaff in (legacy!) Java code would be amazing.

Sony’s new wearable smart glasses look completely stupid. Poor design, too expensive, impractical and the display is only in green. Also, a tiny 3MP camera. What on earth is the point? It’s quite astounding for someone to make something that much worse than Google Glass.

Pope Francis has endorsed a rather ghastly anti-gay campaign in Slovakia. His face now fills billboards asking people to vote to an amendment banning same-sex marriage, adoption by same-sex couples and mandatory sex education.

Which is perfectly understandable: he heads a church that is institutionally anti-gay and he has repeatedly acted in opposition to gay rights. Despite all the many predictably craptastic things that Pope Francis has actually done, people will still continue to believe he is a breath of fresh air, a reformer, someone who was going to finally welcome the LGBT community into the church. The huge gap between the reality of the Pope’s actions and the wishful thinking of those who are enamoured with him is spectacular. Cognitive dissonance is a scarily powerful force.