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Apparently, the Catholic Church are gathering together to debate whether I’m still a morally disordered individual and other important matters. I await the results of said inquiries with excitement and interest.

I expect Pope Francis will be radical and groundbreaking and progressive. Or at least I expect the media will report him being radical and groundbreaking and progressive while not actually being radical or groundbreaking or progressive. Thank the good Lord for such excellent spin doctors.

Catalonia’s new gay rights law sounds great… except for the whole reversing the presumption of innocence thing.

Way to collectively shoot yourselves in the foot, guys. I want equal rights—that doesn’t require undermining absolutely vital civil liberties.

With one stupid decision, the lawmakers score a rhetorical victory for the homophobes (cue homophobic cretins shouting about how the gay agenda is trampling over civil liberties in 3, 2, 1…) and undermine a core principle of civilised society. What colossal idiots.

And Pink News don’t mention it at all. Apparently, they didn’t consider undermining the presumption of innocence an important thing to report. Wat.

With allies like this...

I read someone who identifies as a “straight ally” the other day say something very similar to the following:

The reason gay men are promiscuous is as a result of homophobia and oppression. When societal homophobia decreases, gay men will be less promiscuous and more responsible.

Let me put this in a way that you might understand.


How about understanding the radical idea that sex is actually quite good fun and people can enjoy whatever type and frequency of sex they want without goddamn “allies” saying that it’s all due to us all being such pathetic wimpy little poofs that we can’t make informed decisions about sex and relationships for ourselves?

How about not peddling your puritanical sexual morality as a sincere attempt at opposing discrimination and bigotry? How about not projecting your bullshit sexphobia on people who aren’t similarly afflicted?

Do you like the fact that you have basically adopted the sexual morality of the Pope and Pat Robertson while at the same talking on behalf of a movement for sexuality-based freedom and liberation? Does that cause you as much intellectual or political discomfort as it does to me? Are we supposed to be grateful for your bullshit concern when you are feeding into the same rhetorical power dynamic of the people who so vehemently oppose the right to have informed, consensual, shame-free sexuality?

Do you buy into nonsense like “sex addiction” too?

Does it concern you that the same shitbags who hate LGBT people1 also hate straight people’s sexuality—especially female sexuality, hence the consistent attempts by theocratic fuckwits to obliterate access to birth control and contraception and impose ridiculous fundamentalist nonsense on them too? And that maybe the answer to that is to embrace and defend the positive and life-affirming value of sex and sexuality—gay, straight, vanilla, kinky, monogamous or not, lifelong or fleeting—rather than make it into a pathology?

If you want to defend and help sexual minorities, defend our right to enjoy the sex we want and desire (so long as it is consensual and safe etc., obviously) or you aren’t actually helping and you certainly aren’t being an “ally”.

  1. Oh, wait, no, they hate our sin. They love us. And if you believe that horseshit, I’ll happily sell you the Brooklyn Bridge.

“We need an app!”

“What do you actually need?”

“Well, we need an app.”

“Yeah but what does that entail?”


“Yes, but what do the users need?”

“They need an app! You aren’t listening to me. We want an app.”

“Yeah but what functionality do the users need when they go into the thing you refer to as an ‘app’?”

“They need to have an experience of being able to read our latest news.”

“So, a webpage?”

“No, an app!”

“But it’s text.”


“Text, accessible over the Internet.”


“A web page then.”

“No, an app.”

“Why do you need an ‘app’?”


Nobody has yet given me any particularly compelling arguments beyond this point in conversations.

“You Won’t Believe How…”, say the headlines. I probably will. I’m fairly jaded.

A website I just visited had me wait with a progress bar for all the JavaScript and assets to load. JavaScript preloading may just be the “Flash intro” of the 2010s.

That tense moment when you agree to upgrade Apple’s Command Line Tools and wonder whether it is going to break everything you are working on.

Looks like the Southbank skaters have won their campaign to keep the skatepark open. This is a pretty encouraging example of a community fighting to keep space open for just having fun and enjoying yourself rather than Yet Another Fucking Starbucks.

Also, it is a small example of young people fighting for shit and winning. Which is a nice change from the depressing gerontocracy that is contemporary British democratic politics.

Just ran across this: Mark Zuckerberg reckons anyone who keeps distinct identities is lacking in “integrity”.

This, incidentally, might be why Facebook is so keen to require drag queens use their real names. (Because that kind of shit worked great when G+ did it.)

The demand that you live with “integrity” always is kind of a weird privileged thing. Last weekend, I was walking home late at night with another man, and someone drove by in a van and shouted the word “queer!” out of the window at us. I have a pretty thick skin and such things don’t phase me so much as just surprise and annoy me. Some fuckwit shouting at me isn’t going to stop me from holding hands with whoever the fuck I want.

But let’s say they were threatening physical violence. I certainly wouldn’t have the same attitude. I quite like not being dead. Under Zuckerberg’s views on identity, that shows a lack of integrity. I’m okay with losing some integrity if it is necessary to not end up in hospital or in a coffin.

Fortunately, being white, male and in a financially secure position, like Mark Zuckerberg, these are not decisions I have to contemplate very often. It’d be nice if people like Zuckerberg could consider the position of people less like himself.