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Telegram is everything I like about iMessage (but it works on Android), is open source and (unlike WhatsApp) has a desktop version (the WhatsApp desktop version is a nasty hack that only works with Android).

Using WhatsApp a lot recently has made me how aware I rely on my computer: having to use my phone rather than my laptop feels like having one hand tied behind my back. The whole mobile-only thing really needs to die. Desktops and laptops rock too.

 is the first agile tracker I’ve used that doesn’t suck. It is also built in such a way that overeager project managers can’t set up seventeen different states for a complex workflow that they imagine people will use even though they never actually do. It has four states: backlog, ready, in progress, done. And that is it.

I don’t hate this. And given how many bug trackers, project management tools and so on I’ve used and hated, that’s a huge endorsement.

Mobile deep links are kind of a joke. They’re like real links on the web if they’d been designed by a committee at a big company. Lack of proper links is why I find “apps” so profoundly dull compared to the web. And the more the web tries to ape apps, the less I care for the web.

‘Deep links’ is CD-ROMs being able to link to one another. If that’s the future, the future is rather boring.

The one issue I have heard the least about during the UK general election campaign: climate change.

I mean, it’s not like an oncoming global ecological catastrophe is a major issue or anything. Far better to argue about bacon sandwiches and demonise some HIV positive immigrants and other equally stupid bullshit.

Electron is the underlying framework from Atom, a way to build desktop apps using web technologies and Node.js. Which is nifty, but just one thing: if Atom is any indication, the resulting applications are likely to be rather bloated.

A while back, I downloaded Atom and the .app is about 3x the size of MacVim and uses about 10x the memory of Vim. And it isn’t Vim.

Electron looks nifty, even if I personally oppose the “JavaScript all the things” movement as rather ridiculous, but beware overly bloated executables.