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I'm just downloading a tens of gigs of data off the network - all the video files of the conference so far. Since I'm going home in the morning, this is a good investment. There will be more files to get, but I might as well fill my hard drive up with lots of it here, so that I don't have to download as much when I get home (since I get 600k a second here and a measly 40k a second at home, this is a significant time saving). Later I'll also get it to pull lots of the Hackers at Large video.

Brian 'Aimee Plumley' Bernbaum on the late Jacques Derrida: "But seriously, I just wanted to say that without you college really would have sucked. I never would have started dropping acid to write my critical theory papers. Come to think of it, I might never have majored in English at all. I probably would have gone for something more practical, like business. But just look at me now. Yeah, thanks a lot asshole." I'm late, but I get the story. Eventually.

Dewayne Mikkelson: "What is Shift-Enter supposed to do in the Open today's outline window? I have a new non wedge widget underneath this entry." That would be a comment line. Quite useful for posting stuff that you don't want others to see. I'm not sure whether it works as a kind of 'draft mode'.

The new header logo is from a picture of one of my three dogs, Leo, standing lookout on the front door of a holiday cottage down in Cornwall. Picture must be from at least a few years back. Probably 1999, but perhaps earlier.

This is the best bit of the What The Hack morning. Absolute silence (except my PC whirring away), warm and light, but not sweaty or uncomfortable. We need a British version of WTH. I think it's Danny O'Brien who had his byline for MacUser as something like he imagines a bunch of geeks sitting at iBook's naked in the New Forest. I dunno about naked (We are British, After All!), but lots of nerds make outside very much acceptable, in my opinion.

I think I've pulled some bit of my leg. Woke up with it in a funny position a few minutes ago, caused searing pain.

Another nugget of Dave's advice, too late for my frantic, meddling hands:

Now that I've shown you how to make fire, please don't go around changing things in the root files unless you really know what you're doing. It's like farting with the Registry in Windows. You can do serious damage this way, and get into lots of trouble.

The update times and permalinks all refer to a timezone in which I don't live. It's actually a quarter to eleven here (Holland, Central European Summer Time), and a quarter to ten in my normal timezone (UK, British Summer Time).