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Apple Records are hypocrites. They're pissed off because Apple are infringing on their trademarks through the iTunes Music Store. Not so pissed off that they take the Beatles tracks off iTunes.

I would post a comment on this Lifehacker post, but since they invite comments and then require you have an invitation to comment (Web 2.0 faddism taken to it's logical extreme, folks) I'll have to say what I was going to say there, here: "I use NewsRiver, the RSS reader built in to Dave Winer's OPML Editor. It's nice, simple and runs on my Mac. Since getting a working laptop, I have little need for a networked newsreader. I need to use my machine to blog, and I've got Internet access everywhere I'm likely to be. Try it, it'll revolutionise the way that you think about news. The fact that it has no numbers sitting there guilt-tripping you in to reading, and it's sorted by time, not feed, frees you from the tyranny of your RSS reader." That was complicated. ";->"

Oh, for crying out loud - if you don't like the contract, don't sign it. The whole Podshow controvery seems to be blown out of proportion. Some of the "quit your day job" rhetoric can get a bit tiresome, but whenever something Podshow-related happens, Podcast Alley always seems to be brimming with conspiracy theorists. Good to see that we're all building the future of the media on the backs of kooks with conspiracies. Ah well.

Les is pointing to a news article which starts off: "The federal government has spent $2.2 million in the past five years on studies of distant healing". That's a good use of taxpayers money, espeially when they could have spent it on Katrina relief or paying for veterans hospitals for all the suckers being brought back from Iraq without limbs. No, you wouldn't want that, when you could spend it on pseudoscience like "distance healing".

Peter has a post on John Taylor Gatto. I pretty much agree, having read "Dumbing Us Down" a year or so back. Gatto talks utter nonsense when he's using the words God, religion, Christianity and secularism. Then again, the homeschooling market is filled with fundies who don't want their kids to learn about "evilution", so Gatto is just playing to the target market here. Secularise Gatto's message, and you've got some decent thoughts on school and education (and how the two rarely meet).

WorldBlogCenter is a shitty idea. But can you blame them - people willingly threw thousands after thousands at that shitty MillionDollarHomepage, so why wouldn't others do the same thing. Pixels aren't "real estate" that can be bought and sold like that. Space on a webpage has no value. Reccomendations and ideas are what matter.