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Gervase Markham: "I have come to believe that my cancer was designed specifically for me by God, and to thank him for it". Read it - I'm sorry, Gerv, but it sounds like special pleading and fitting the facts in retrospectively. Job really provides a get out clause for God's supposed wrongdoing.

Note to Americans: you may wish to pay attention to this. I'm not too worried about it, but certain conspiracy theorist types are probably fitting this in to their theories right now. Have a look at Eric W. Holland's statement though: "It's important for folks to know that the right to vote - even if those sections expire - will not expire". Folks? That's the sort of language that we're allowed to use (Winer: "We're all just folks!"), not Justice Department spokesmen...

Ben Goldacre explains how "cocaine use in children doubles in children" actually means, once you've untangled the stats, how it's 45 more children saying they use cocaine. Spin! Spin! Spinny-winny!

Alertbear is a Windows River of News reader for those of you who don't want to use OPML's NewsRiver. I like the combination of cute clipart and Web 2.0 sensibilities of their site!

NTK has some links to MP3s of Technology 2.0. Though since there isn't an RSS feed available, it's not really a podcast. Yet another example of podcast ignorance. Wake me up when the world's stopped doing this.