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NTK has some links to MP3s of Technology 2.0. Though since there isn't an RSS feed available, it's not really a podcast. Yet another example of podcast ignorance. Wake me up when the world's stopped doing this.

The Economist is getting a new editor: John Micklethwait. He co-wrote the book The Right Nation: Conservative Power in America, which was basically a popular history of American conservatism (see review), and The Company: A Short History of a Revolutionary Idea. I'm not sure of Micklethwait's opinions on these issues (I've read a couple of chapters of Right Nation, but have been too busy to really read it properly), but his editorship of The Economist should be interesting.

Carlotta has a great story of home education. Homeschooling is such a good idea, we need to free it from the indoctrinating mofos in the Bible Belt.

Paul Camp has some funny, sceptical reasons why not to pick your ears or use those damn Hopi ear candles. They're bullshit. If you've got a cerumen buildup, consult your doctor. He'll check your ears to see whether it's infectious or not. That takes about five minutes. If it's just an ordinary bildup, you can simply use some oil to break down the cerumen, then go back and a nurse will pump it out. Total time at the doctors is about ten minutes. When you come out, it feels great, and you have to turn everything down.

Life at the Pensacola Christian College: "these kids are going off to this school that is run like a concentration camp, suffering for four years, and then 'graduating' with a degree that is almost completely worthless, and with credits that won't transfer to any other university". Damn right, PZ.