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Steve Rubel describes the plethora of clones as "Web 2.0 Commoditization". Personally, I call it open source and competition. Commoditisation seems to be business speak for "they were so much cooler before everybody heard about it". Web 2.0 sites that talk the Tim O'Reilly hypetalk about including the user, but then complain like hell when anyone sets up a clone site that serves a different target market are really playing the same ridiculous game that the pretentious invite code brigade do.

I've just signed up for Social Voicemail. It currently looks like vapourware. What we really need is a system independent from Skype which lets you sign up, set up a link on your site saying "voice feedback" or something. Apparently, Odeo are doing that.

I'm enjoying GeekBrief.TV. I's a very short video podcast (rarely longer than ten minutes - usually three to five) that discusses new products, talks about geeky stuff and so on.

OPML Business of the Day

First off, I've created the OPML Wishlist, which is hosted over on Ning. If you've got an idea of what you'd like with OPML, go there, register and post away. Use it as an OPML fantasy land. It's not for bug reports, it's for feature requests. It would be great if we could have a few of the gang using it.

I've released some hacks for NewsRiver (one to add 'spyglass' support for the feeds page, the other to reverse the Delete and Unsubscribe buttons on ?xmlUrl spyglass pages, so that when you hit enter in Safari, you submit 'delete' not 'unsubscribe'). If you want them, just download my updated version. See my post to OPML-Newbies for details.

I've put up a page for my documentation. Ideas and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

This bookmarklet will be useful for NewsRiver users.

theOffice looks like a cool idea. Perhaps I should start one in London. I've always thought a BlogBar would be neat, basically a tiny little coffee shop where everyone's talking tech all day long.

If you employed a nurse caleld Jesus, would you ask him to change his name to Manuel? Of course not. If I was called Jesus, I'd grow long hair and spook out old people by saying stuff like "I'm Jesus, I'm an atheist" and "Trinitarianism ain't true, suckers. The Unitarians and the Jews were right..."