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My parents have just booked tickets to Moscow. Much as I'd love to go to Russia, it's cold enough for me in London at the moment.

Dorkbot London

I'm currently at the Limehouse Town Hall, checking out the cool techie stuff that's going on at Dorkbot London. Lots of people playing with electrical stuff, screwing around with Sudden Motion Sensors, video art, electrical stuff that blows up, monitors that arehooked up to musical synthesisers.

The wifi is very, very shaky, and it almost feels like a squat. Very cool though.

There's a guy with tubes which he lets small electrical explosions go off in, and it can make a very odd type of music.

Upstairs there's a whole bunch of people drinking some very odd brew of tea, in here there's flames going on, and next to me there's a guy who seems to be controlling his Mac using his PSP.

If you want 'unconference', this is it.

What's actually going on? I'm not sure that I know, but it's good fun.

It would be really helpful if someone could tell me what this says. It's Dutch, and this is what BabelFish broadly says: "And this is exact what there is all wrong to a forum. A terrible analogy of Tom Morris' concerning the forum on the Internet. Why is this decriepit application still the same and does come with no modification or new techniques?" Dutch speakers who could translate it better would be greatly appreciated. If my analogies aren't great, I apologise. They're functional, and that's the least I can hope for.