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URL Tracking Snipper is a Chrome extension that removes all those nasty utm_source parameters from the query strings of URLs. Works very nicely. I already try to remove these parameters by hand, but automating the process is helpful.

Beyond being potentially creepiness-enabling, tracking parameters make things like bookmarks less useful. If I bookmark URL x, and then I bookmark URL x1 which is the same content as URL x, but has a load of tracking crap on the end of the URL, my bookmarking tools (Pinboard in my case) may not tell me I have already bookmarked it.

These parameters also misleading. If you post, say, a link with UTM parameters saying that the link came from Twitter and then I share that link via another channel, your analytics data now says you’ve got lots of people visiting via Twitter. But they didn’t come from Twitter—they came from someone who shared a link from Twitter in another channel. “Cool URIs don’t change” (said Tim Berners-Lee), but cool URIs also don’t replicate unnecessarily. In an ideal world, we’d have one URL for each piece of content.

These irritating query parameters make the lives of web users more frustrating solely to benefit somewhat creepy ad-tech people. Snapping these nasty protrusions off URLs benefits everyone. Except marketers. Oh well. I guess we’ll have to live with that.