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Let's Encrypt: it just works, so use it

I’ve just switched over to Let’s Encrypt. My paid-for SSL certificate expires today. I don’t object too much to having to pay the €11 or whatever to renew it, but having to remember to do it every year is a huge faff. The process of making a CSR, logging into the SSL supplier website and all that is just boring.

Let’s Encrypt is nice not only because you don’t have to pay the (not very expensive) SSL certificate tax, but because ideally, it automates the renewal process. Instead of being an annual arse-ache, it’s hopefully set-it-and-forget-it.

For your personal or hobby site, if you currently do the annual certificate dance, switch to Let’s Encrypt when your SSL certificate expires. If you don’t currently do SSL, Let’s Encrypt takes one of the pain points out of it. There’ll still be a market for SSL certificates for businesses (especially for wildcard and EV certificates), but Let’s Encrypt lowers the bar to using SSL significantly.