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#indiewebcamp year in review

Today is IndieWebCamp in Brighton and Portland. As part of this, we are collectively trying to review a year of progress.

My year in review is pretty short: I’ve not done much at all. Just lots of little fixes and tweaks. My lack of progress has been mostly due to a busy schedule of work combined with some significant health issues which have taken a lot of my time (plus a lovely new relationship!).

But stuff I did add since this time last year:

  • Super-duper HTTPS support (currently rated A according to SSL Labs, will switch over to SHA-2 when I renew)
  • Experimenting with app cache
  • Design changes on the maps on the places section

I’m in the process of rebuilding my site using Django, learning the lessons of v1. I’m hoping to also make the finished version available as open source. The lack of an open source release of v1 is not due to a lack of desire to do so, but simply a number of problems with the code base that make it rather unpresentable and not that useful to people who aren’t me.

I’m hoping in the next year to finish rebuilding my site in a more modular way with a bunch of nice things to make it easier for me to work on new features. Specifically, the use of things like django-waffle-based feature flagging, so I can roll out features just for myself and test them before rolling them out more generally.

More broadly, I have been happy with the advances made by mf2py and thank the contributors, especially Kyle who has been extremely diligent in ensuring Python 3 support, fixing bugs and pushing out new releases. Microformats2 is making great progress, with parser libraries now available or being developed in Python, PHP, Go, Node.js, Ruby and Java.