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PEBKAC is so much worse when you are the user

I go out and take a bunch of photos. Get home, put SD card in computer, import into Aperture. As the pictures are importing, I start pruning, cropping and uploading.

Then like an idiot I just pop the SD card out of the slot. This leaves the import process in limbo. I force quit, then start reimporting again. But the initial import and the modifications I made are lost. And because the pictures aren’t in the library any more, Aperture instructs Flickr to delete the copies I’ve posted.

Thanks to high-speed networks, my stupidity can be meticulously synced to the cloud.

Also, I managed to set my camera to the wrong AM/PM setting. So pictures I take at 8am are marked as being taken at 8pm the previous day. Even though I’ve heard Tantek repeatedly explain this stuff.

This is one of the reasons I think on-camera GPS should become industry standard sooner rather than later: not because GPS tagged photos are tremendously useful (although that is neat)—it’s because military location satellites are better at keeping track of time than humans.

The worrying thing is I get paid to write software and I fail at this stuff.