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I agree with Psythor on his post about internet hegemony, to some extent, but I think his is essentially a counsel of despair.

Whilst I could setup my own website in this internet free speech utopia listing status updates on what I am doing, I’m not arrogant enough to think my friends are going to go out of their way to find me.

Not only can you, but you should, if you can. That’s what us crazy indiewebsters have been doing. Syndicating out to services like Twitter, Facebook and but keeping the canonical copy locally (POSSE) means you get the best of both worlds: absolute freedom and independence to say what you like, but syndicating your stuff out to services like Twitter.

The more people join in, the more we can start building a viable alternative to the corporate social networks. Existing efforts like Diaspora have failed precisely because they tried to out-Facebook Facebook. The way the web will win is if we out-web Facebook rather than attempt to build a better Facebook than Facebook, which is a task we’ll never win.