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Faruk Ateş: The people suffering from discrimination, harassment, systemic disenfranchisement and constant vitriol, they need others to make them feel welcome and supported. They need to hear these words of support, see these actions taken. They cannot, and will not, assume from your silence that you’ve got their back.

This. Not only is it an incredible feeling when someone supports you (because, phew, you don’t have to be the one who bangs on and on and use words like “misogynist” or “heteronormative”) but sometimes because of ‘Fox News balance’, it is actually impossible for minority groups to rhetorically advance their own cause for fear of being “biased”.

(Yes, shocker, women are biased against misogyny. Gay people are biased against homophobia. Racial minorities are biased against racism. Only, it’s not bias, it’s actually called standing up for oneself.)