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The fourth digit of the date has changed which means I have to write a blog post

My friends have done new year’s posts: Cristiano did his in the form of a look back at what he’s learned this year, while Ian has some new year’s resolutions, as does Melinda. I guess I should write some kind of summation of things I’ve done since the year last incremented.

The big things for me last year:

  1. I came out. That was… well, fun is probably not the right word. Overdue.
  2. I left my Ph.D programme. That wasn’t fun, but was important to do for my own sanity.
  3. I visited the US again, this time to go to Washington DC for Wikimania and AdaCamp. Both were amazing.
  4. I feel like I’ve gotten better at programming in strangely undocumentable ways. My Rails skills were a bit rusty, but I’ve improved at that, and am now fully Rails 3 compliant.
  5. Learned a lot about Scala.
  6. Going to IndieWebCamp was a big one for me. I mostly prattled away about bullshitSemantic Web stuff, but it was an inspiring event that prompted me to redesign my site.
  7. I wrote some advocacy pieces on my site about the tech community and social justice concerns.
  8. I became active at editing OpenStreetMap.
  9. I somehow managed to rearrange my attitudes such that I have stopped giving a fuck about a lot of trivial bullshit that doesn’t matter.
  10. Oh yeah, going to the Olympics. That was amazing. I admit it: I tuned in originally to perv at some male totty (oh, Sam Mikulak and, of course, Tom Daley), but then my friend Melinda managed to get tickets. Seeing Epke Zonderland’s breathtaking performance on the high bar was an ecstatic moment that will stay in my brain for a long time.

All in all, how did the year go? Good. I’m a lot happier and more content with life now than I was a year ago, something I wrote about in the life rebooting post.

How about this year?

  1. Exercise. Yeah yeah, cliche. I now have an exercise bike at home. So I can pedal my way to nowhere without expensive gym membership fees or any of the other discomforts of using a gym.
  2. Get a new job. My existing job is winding down this week. Which means I’m back on the market for work.
  3. Open source my blogging software. (Because Wordpress is so meh.) I’ve got lots of indieweb things to do: finally switch off my old Tumblr site, add comments (maybe), add image upload, connect my stuff together with what Tantek, Barnaby and Aaron are doing, improve the design and so on.
  4. (Dare I jinx things and say this?) A b-b-b-boyfriend. (That is allowed right? Wandering out of Plato’s CaveCloset was slightly dazzling.)
  5. OpenCodeCamp. It needs to happen.
  6. Actually finish and release things I’m working on.
  7. Write a Good Article on Wikipedia. I need to get on and do it. Lots of people in the community talk a lot of smack about how admins and content creators are different species. Well, I can write, so I may as well write something that will get a little green blob on Wikipedia.
  8. Try something code-related that I haven’t done at all before. Perhaps learn C, perhaps try doing some crazy computer vision stuff, perhaps try to build an animated 2D game. Something that doesn’t involve manipulating long blobs of strings on web pages.
  9. Play more board games.
  10. Learn to drive, pass driving test.

Now, with that annual cleansing ritual completed, I can take down the Christmas tree and get used to the newly-incremented Gregorian calendar. ISO 8601 be upon you, brothers and sisters.

Also, the world didn’t end. In your face, stupid people.