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UXCamp Brighton: Engage or enrage? (emotional experiences)

Speaker: @jirijerabek, from Possible.

Created an “Emotional Timeline”: but it was just made up, rather than based on testing.

Context is important. if you are designing for the NHS website, or a funeral director website, you need a different emotional style.

How do you capture emotions on the fly, during usability testing? Whatever we use, it has to not interrupt much, not have high cognitive load.

Self-assessment mannequins. Scale of mannequins. Happiness, excitement, “how big does this make me feel?”

Longer period of times: diary studies. Include something like the Geneva Emotion Wheel.

What to do with this data? Improve your personas and improve existing products.

Well, what about building a new product? Apply Don Norman’s framework: visceral, behavioural, reflective. Work out what you want people to have in each of these three stages.

Notes from the speaker.