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An utterly despicable, bigoted theoslimeball

Yes, the Bishop of Carlisle, that would be.

The Right Reverend thinks that God has punished Britain for it's tolerance of homosexuality.

You know that Fred Phelps character? Well, Bishop Dow is Britain's very own dogmatic, creepy zealot.

And yet, we entrust children's education to these brain-foresaken people. We let them sit in the House of Lords for no other reason but their divine election to the silly hat brigade.

What an utterly pathetic, silly little man.

American readers will be pleased to know that Britishness is not a guarantee of not being a complete imbecile, although membership in the clergy is a good predictor of the sort of off-the-cuff, hateful absurdity that we see in Bishop Dow and Fred Phelps alike.

Perhaps he's planning on setting up a UK version of GodHatesFags once the Anglican Communion tears itself apart for good (which, I have to say, I find nothing short of bloody hilarious).