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Wikimedia events in the UK next week

Next week there’s lots of Wikimedia-related events going on in the UK.

On Monday night, there’s going to be a meetup in Edinburgh.

On Tuesday night, there’s going to be a meetup in York, the first one in York.

On Wednesday, there’s the National Railway Museum workshop in York.

Then on Friday, in London at the British Library, it is GLAMcamp London where we discuss how Wikimedians and WMUK can work with galleries, libraries, archives and museums (or GLAMs). Hopefully, I’ll be there.

And next Saturday, there’s a meetup in Manchester.

If you are in any of those places at any of those times, please go along. If you can, try and add your name to the wiki. I’ve created Lanyrd events for most of them, so you can also add yourself on there.

Wikimedia UK are doing tons of events: there are events at the Medical Research Council, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Institute of Physics and at TEDxBristol. And lots more which haven’t been announced yet. It’s exciting but tiring.