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Little Printer: like my Samsung laser printer, but thrice the price

Today, the Little Printer went on sale. Let me show you.

Pretty fancy, huh.

The Verge has an article on it called “Paper lives: Little Printer and the rebirth of the hard copy”.

The rebirth of the hard copy! Wow. That’s pretty exciting. It’s almost like before this little gadget came out, people weren’t printing things.

Hold up. What’s this thing?

Oh look, it’s my boring old laser printer. It lets me print things on to paper. Bits of paper I can pick up and carry around. Almost like hard copies of things I have on my computer.

And, oh my, a new Samsung laser printer costs me… £69.95 on Amazon. As opposed to £199 for a Little Printer. Here’s the thing, It’s not beautifully designed. It’s ugly as sin. But it works. The toner is cheap, the print quality is pretty good, and it allows me to print out A4 documents… like web pages, CVs, letters, business forms, and even fun things I want to read.

I’m pretty impressed by the Little Printer though. I do like the idea of having some way of reading things when I’m out and about. I’m not wild about how the Little Printer requires paper refills, and it’s not that portable. That said, someone seems to have come up with some other type of device that does the job…


Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch

I hear it can even make phone calls and send tweets and browse the web and take photos too. Amazing.

Still, if you need an amazing, delightful user experience for printing out the same stuff you probably read on your smartphone… the Little Printer does the job pretty well. I know it has a beautiful user experience because user experience people keep telling me about the user experience of how user experiency the user experience of this is because it has been designed by user experience designers who know about user experience.