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Wheelmap: contribute to OpenStreetMap while out-and-about

As some of you may know, I edit OpenStreetMap. When I tell people this, they often say they’d like to edit OpenStreetMap too, but it’s kind of difficult.

I won’t lie: there is a learning curve. But here’s a really nice simple way you can start contributing.

Have a look at Wheelmap. Wheelmap shows OpenStreetMap with venues marked based on their accessibility.

If you have an Android or iOS device, you can download an app. You can use Wheelmap to edit one particular property: wheelchair accessibility.

So, next time you go to a bar or a restaurant, have a look as you go into the place to see if it is wheelchair accessible. When you have a minute or two, open up the app on your phone and tag it. This is a very simple, straight forward and practical way to start editing OpenStreetMap. It requires very little training or understanding of the complexities of OpenStreetMap. And you help people with disabilities by making it easier for them to find places that are wheelchair accessible.

What about if the venue isn’t on Wheelmap? Well, then you need to learn how to properly edit OpenStreetMap.


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