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Book em, Secular Leicesterians!

Wowza. My friends up at the Leicester Secular Society counterprotested at Jerry Springer: The Opera. So sayeth my friend, Mr Baker: "With all the fuss in the papers, we thought it was about time we came along and gave our support for the show. Freedom of speech is more under threat than it has been in 30 years with opposition to this kind of thing. This show has every right to go ahead. If people don't like it, they don't have to go and watch it."

Bloggers have been pointing to the badass nature of the Leicester secularists. Yes, they rule. (Via MediaWatchWatch)

NCSE have highlights from an interview with a hero: Judge John E. Jones III - the Bush appointee who saved Pennsylvania from the ill-thought-out ravings of Intelligent Design dimwits.

I just noticed that CoComment has got rid of their invitation requirement. Now, if only a few of these poseurish Web 2.0 companies could get rid of their invite bullshit, I might start linking to them.

Adam Curry responds to Paul's post. Personally, I don't mind advertising in podcasts. But EarthLink irks me because (a) it's not international (meaning that anybody outside of the USA hears the adverts but it's pointless since I couldn't sign up for EarthLink even if I wanted to) and (b) the repetition and prominence (imagine if it was "Welcome to Delta Sierra Charlie #345 sponsored by, your internet experts"). Make it shorter, make it far less often and swap in some different sponsors.

Apple haven't dispatched my Mac yet. That probably means it's coming on Friday. That's a relief, since nobody's gonna be here tommorow.

Linda Smith, the broadcaster, comedian and president of the British Humanist Association, just died on Tuesday. This really sucks. Linda Smith was both a good and interesting choice of Pres. for the Humanists, and a very witty comedian.

Goodbye to another old foe

Infamous creationist Henry Morris, author of Scientific Creationism and The Genesis Flood, died back on Saturday. Interesting fact number one: Dembski's blogging it (not DaveScot or any of his other lesser-lettered minions). You'd think that since Judge Jones recently pointed out how ID was just repackaged creationism, they might be trying to rebrand themselves for the next generation's version of this silly game. Oh well, their loss. Interesting fact number two: a blogger out there has been hanging around at Bob Jones University's bookstore giggling at all the books by creationists. The late Dr. Morris' work features quite heavily.

Another field that Dr Morris was involved in, as the Milwaukee Evolution League point out, is "Arkeology". To those of you outside of the loop, this is attempts to find archeaological evidence of the Ark which Noah built. Let me remind you. 6,000 years ago, shortly after the creation of the world and Adam and Eve's expulsion of the garden, God decided to punish everybody. Except Noah. And his family. And representatives of every species. So God told Noah to make an Ark which would have to be about the size of the Titanic in order to hold all the species. And so Noah, who's age was in triple figures (because they lived longer back then, a feature we've lost due, no doubt, to sin and E-numbers), and his hardy bunch of companions numbering no more than single figures built in the space of a week (well, exclude shabbat, or Yahweh'll shtup you in the tokhis, ya damn schmucky mamzer). One boat, seven folk, one week. Then in the next week, round up all the damn animals, merry sailing for a year, land, load them off board, and the huge diversity we've seen all happened since they got off the boat. Through evolution - the process which the selfsame creationist say doesn't exist and is a big fat lie thought up by Charles Darwin to bring about Nazism, communism and lesbians kissing and holding hands. I'm going to miss Dr. Morris' contributions to this vital area of scientific understanding!

Seriously, though, much as us on the side of reason and science may think that Dr. Morris' ideas were absolutely, well, fruitcake, it would be totally heartless not to wish condolences to his family. Though I find the current batch of creationists to be a bunch of deceitful cretins, I have more time for some of the older creationists like the late Dr. Morris and also people like Dr. Duane Gish. They're wrong - almost incalcuably, bordering on mental illness, wrong - about almost everything. But they're not bad people, I don't think.