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Exorcism is coming back.

Remember: Pope Francis is a nice, liberal reformist. He’s reforming the Church back to the middle ages.

When the teenager being exorcised of his gay demons looks up at the priests looming over him performing their voodoo psychodrama, he can think “good thing we have a nice liberal reformist pope making everything better!”

Put Him in Bucca may be my new favourite thing: a now-discontinued Iraqi TV show where fake bombs are placed in the cars of celebrities who are then stopped by a military checkpoint in on the gag who then threaten to arrest them for terrorism.

You know how the Queen is a constitutional figurehead rather than a political player? Well, you don’t know it because it isn’t true.

Some democracy we have here.

I still can’t help but find the Metropolitan Police’s slogan “Total Policing” amazingly creepy.

Good judgment

One of the things people look for in romantic partners is good judgment.

Here’s how to demonstrate it.

After being dumped for not being able to pay for cinema tickets on a date, seethe about it for seven years, then spend $40,000 buying out a whole cinema.

That kind of good judgment will ensure that this gentleman will never ever lack partners in the future.

Redefining words is wrong except when it isn't

Want to see something stupid? Of course you do.

Well, I can always find stupid. Here’s N.T. Wright thoroughly Godwinning the topic of same-sex marriage.

Wright is considered a big deal in theological circles: a very intelligent and perceptive theologian loved across ideological and denominational lines. And here he is peddling an absolutely terrible argument.

  1. Same-sex marriage is redefining words.
  2. The Soviet Union redefined words.
  3. The Soviet Union is baaaaad.
  4. Therefore, same-sex marriage is wrong.

The whole process of writing law is partly one of defining and redefining words. Theft means something. Then we find a bunch of weird edge cases and the language is confusing and unhelpful, so some nice lawyer rewrites it all. Ideally, we move in a more wise and sensible direction.

In 1990, in the case of R v R, the definition of rape changed so that a man forcibly having sex with his wife against her consent became rape. Being married no longer meant the law could assume consent. It turns out this is a good thing. I wonder if Bishop Wright thinks this kind of redefinition is bad. And if he doesn’t, whether he has a principled reason why the judges in R v R redefining rape is fine but the legislature redefining marriage in the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act is wrong. I’m guessing the answer will take the form of special pleading and Jesus, as it always does.

If seeing people rip into him about it is your bag, there’s plenty to read.

Pope Tinker Bell turns out to be against feminism

Pope Francis thinks things about feminism.

What I would like to add is that feminism, as a unique philosophy, does not do any favors to those that it claims to represent, for it puts women on the level of a vindictive battle, and a woman is much more than that. The feminist campaign of the ’20s achieved what it wanted and it is over, but a constant feminist philosophy does not give women the dignity that they deserve. As a caricature, I would say that it runs the risk of becoming chauvinism with skirts.

Funny, because I thought feminism did things like fight for more equal access to jobs and education, and to help victims of rape and domestic violence and give people sexual autonomy to sleep with whoever they want to and plenty of other awesome nice things.

This is the guy everyone thinks is a progressive. He opposes abortion, opposes gay marriage, thinks feminism “does not give women the dignity they deserve”… but to the true believers in Tinker Bell, nothing as boring as evidence will change their mind. This is religion after all.

I once saw someone say “give me duck typing or give me death”. I found a duck, put a live grenade up its arse and then threw the duck at him.

It quacked and thus satisfied the type checker.

Now we have one less duck typing fanatic in the world. And sadly one less duck.

I’ve got an interesting problem. I’ll start an email mailing list. Now I have two problems.

I’ve been ill for a few days. I’m now better. I’m drinking white wine and getting pissed off with RVM and Bundler.

A long and weary sigh at idiots who conflate naïve and scientific realism and accuse their philosophical opponents of naïve realism without properly understanding the distinction.

I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader to work out who are amongst the idiots today. Hint: they give TED talks.