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Michele Bachmann and her fellow nutjobs are ranting because they picked on a minority who fucking fought back.

Traffic lights apply to you, Mr. Busy Suit Man in the 4x4. The point of the amber light is you can go if it is safe. If there is a pedestrian crossing (i.e. me), it isn’t safe to go. You have to wait until it is safe. I know, this Highway Code thing shouldn’t be applicable to you, because you drive a big, expensive car, and I’m just one of those plebs walking.

Perhaps we need a militant pedestrian movement in London, just as there are militant cyclists.

Most fruitless Apple boycott ever is a website where you can buy gift cards using cryptocurrency including BitCoin and Litecoin.

They’ve announced they won’t be stocking Apple iTunes gift cards. Mostly because BitCoin users are butthurt because Apple removed a BitCoin app from the iOS App Store because it broke App Store rules. The BitCoiners now hate Apple with a passion because Apple are cruelly trying to undermine BitCoin by removing BitCoin apps.

So this is how the protest is happening: if you want to buy App Store gift cards, you can’t do it through anymore.

Gee. How will you be able to buy App Store credit now? Oh, maybe, say, by buying a gift card in any supermarket in the Western world with your actual money.

Why paying with BitCoin is so much easier

How to pay for something with BitCoin: first set up an account on one of about fifteen different sites, possibly with dodgy-as-fuck security. Then you have to wire some money to some BitCoin exchange which is 100% guaranteed not a scam because someone on bitcointalk said so. After the Russian mob takes a cut, you then can transfer some of that money into a wallet. Then you can spend your Bitcoin… somewhere. That is, if the site that was cobbled together by a moron in Rails or PHP in a week doesn’t get completely owned in the meantime. Be sure to take the time to learn the difference between a cold wallet and a hot wallet, and what buy/ask spreads are, and take the time to jockey all the money between the relevant wallet. And keep an eye on the market just in case the value of your BitCoins plummets because one of the not-at-all-hacked-together exchange sites goes tits up because of shit programming.

How to pay for something with evil, government-backed fiat money: go to vendor site. Click ‘Pay with PayPal’. Type PayPal password in. Press pay. Done.

Let me call my gender-non-specific non-technical family member. I’m sure they’ll be ready to switch to using crypto-currencies right away. I’m sure they won’t think the whole thing is a massive fucking scam.

Patrick Henry College, the finishing school for America’s elite evangelicals, has an interesting attitude to sexual assault. And by interesting, I mean “horrifying, sexist and victim blaming”.

Can't relate

I can relate to a special ops soldier who has to sneak into a secret Alaskan military facility to destroy a giant mechanical robot that can launch nuclear weapons.

I can relate to a band of eco-terrorists keen on blowing up reactors using up the planet’s life force.

I can relate to a blue hedgehog that can run faster than the speed of sound in order to fight a giant egg-shaped supervillain who captures innocent animals and converts them into his own private mechanical army.

I can relate to a man who has giant spikes coming out of his hands.

I can relate to a lizard turned secret agent.

I can relate to a cute purple dragon who has to collect gems in order to free a load of dragons who have been imprisoned in crystal by an evil half-gnome-half-orc.

I can relate to an Italian plumber who spends his time wandering through a bizarre alien landscape, eating mysterious flowers, climbing up giant plants and jumping on top of turtles in order to save a princess in distress.

I can relate to a gangster driving around Liberty City in a carjacked vehicle casually killing pedestrians and prostitutes in order to kill a rival mobster.

I can relate to an underwater football player from the city of Zanarkand being sent through a gigantic portal by his psychopathic father in order to join a religious pilgrimage to help save the world from aforementioned father.

But I am apparently totally unable to relate to women in a video game. That’s why we can’t have video games with women and girls in them. Because I am unable to “relate” to them. That’s a pretty goddamn weak argument.

A thought: if—as opponents of gay marriage argue—marriage is all about creating an environment for children, why do we not prevent convicted child abusers from getting married?

If protecting kids is so important, why stop gay people and not child abusers? Just asking.

I’ll start giving a shit about the Internet of Things when someone shows me something that doesn’t involve domestic appliances.

I don’t care who invented Bitcoin. In fact, whoever it was: thank you for creating the spectacle of watching moronic nerds make spectacularly stupid investment decisions and piss all their money away. Good job.

No, BBC News, Getty aren't "lifting copyright"

On the BBC News site today, I saw this headline in the five most shared stories:

“Getty lifts copyright on 35m photos”

That’s pretty exciting.

Except they aren’t lifting the copyright on 35 million photos.

They are making it so you can add a blob of JavaScript to your website to show the images so long as you conform to a stringent set of terms and conditions.

No wonder lots of people misunderstand copyright law: journalists—who should fucking know about copyright law—conflate a revokable license to use an image in some very limited circumstances with the copyright on that image. Don’t bother explaining the gratis vs. libre distinction because that’s hard work.

If journalists can’t write and think about these issues clearly, that will saturate into the consciousness of lawmakers and judges who will make stupid and uninformed decisions about copyright. Which they aren’t doing now, obviously.

Yahoo! bought Vizify and the very same day announced it will be “sunsetted”. Yes, they are still using that word even though it makes everyone grind their teeth in hatred.

I’ve added it to site-deaths on, and those snarky monkeys at Our Incredible Journey have posted it too (on Tumblr, a Yahoo!-owned service).

Much as I dislike BBC Three, the fact that the BBC can shut a service that appeals to young people shows in miniature who actually holds the power in our society. There’s lots of talk about how the BBC is always chasing the young, but what we see in society is a gerontocracy. We fiddle around with our iPhones “disrupting” things while the older generation hold the actual power.