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One lone nutter waving a bible on Whitehall about the same-sex marriage law. Sucks to be him today, as it probably does everyday.

I am just watched one of the first same-sex weddings from outside Islington Town Hall. At the stroke of midnight, a wedding took place. A funny time for a wedding perhaps, but the cold weather could not undermine the warmth of feeling and the happiness of the occasion.

To quote Obama: they said this day would never come.

There was one lone soul proclaiming that this would be the end of all of civilisation. But in general there were good spirited people wishing well of the couple.

This morning England and Wales wakes to find itself a little freer. There are still struggles ahead for LGBT people. The closet must be dismantled for good. Discrimination must end for good. But today is a better day. Today is a day many of us couldn’t imagine happening growing up.

To Peter and David, and to the thousands of couples around the world who now have the freedom to get married but only recently did not: have a happy and wonderful marriage.

If you can’t explain the differences between patents, trademarks and copyright, please stop talking about any of them, because you are making a fool of yourself.

Daily Express front page today. TERROR ABOARD DOOMED FLIGHT. Followed by a picture of Ant and Dec. I’m sure there’s a connection.

I’ve just donated £50 to the Albert Kennedy Trust, a charity in Britain which provides housing to young LGBT people who have been made homeless by their homophobic parents.

In other news, Brendan Eich—yes, that Brendan Eich—has been made CEO of Mozilla.

Perhaps if you care about LGBT people more than Mr. Eich, you could consider donating to the excellent work that the Albert Kennedy Trust do.

Wired has an excellent opinion column condemning the British government’s frequent conflating of child porn and legal porn.

A lovely image to mark the death of Fred Phelps: a group of gay students staging a “kiss-in” at a Westboro Baptist Church protest.

Gay Pheleps

I was doing some Rails development yesterday: Better Errors is really awesome. It uses a library called binding_of_caller to let you inspect the variables, and run a live REPL, at any point in the call stack when you get an error.

That kind of thing is ludicrously useful: Werkzeug’s debugger is what sold me on this approach when I’ve been doing Flask and Django work. Having it in Rails and Rack apps makes life a lot easier.

You can tell that the tech industry doesn’t have a sexism problem, what with how the automatic reaction is denial when anyone suggests there might be a sexism problem.

Ben Summerskill is throwing stones at the Liberal Democrats. Given Stonewall’s record of opposing gay marriage—what exactly is the point of an LGB campaign group if they oppose our rights?—Mr Summerskill’s points should be given due consideration i.e. sweet fuck all.

It makes me exceptionally uncomfortable to see politicians and campaigners trying to grab credit for marriage equality. Here’s the thing: much as I can’t say I’m a Tory, I have to give David Cameron and the Conservatives credit for pushing marriage through. They were doing it for cynical reasons—to make up them seem less like the sort of bastards that passed Section 28. The important thing is we have marriage now (or will do in a week or so). Party political bickering over it—especially from people who should, by dint of their former position running Stonewall, be above that kind of thing—when all three parties supported it is really sad to watch.

London buses are all up the shitter today. Just had to push the emergency exit button on an 88 bus that took me to Blackfriars without stopping anywhere up the embankment.

TfL: the St Patricks Day parade is not an excuse to not communicate to bus users.