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Wikka Wrap by The Evasions is a funk and rap parody tribute to British TV documentary presenter Alan Whicker. It samples from Tom Browne’s Funkin’ For Jamaica, Chic’s Good Times, the Theme from Shaft and Give Up The Funk (Tear The Roof Off the Sucker) by Parliament.

The only question I have is: why haven’t I heard this earlier? Despite being a parody track, it’s amazing.

BugJuggler is a genuinely lovely project. It’s a plan to build a 70 foot tall hydraulic robot with the ability to lift up and juggle cars, all controlled by a human in a control suit with haptic feedback.

It’s like Scrapheap Challenge combined with a Michael Bay action sequence. Given how depressing the rest of technology is these days, this is a genuinely beautiful and fun project.

rocksucker (noun): gay man who prefers grumpy guitar strumming music to Whitney Houston remixes.

It is hereby introduced to the world as a word. Crack on and use it people.

You know technology is overhyped when you start seeing it advertised on the side of a London black cab.

A year ago it was “cloud”. I just saw a cab with “big data” on the side.

A recruiter just told me I have skills befitting “an experienced senior .NET web developer”. I have written about 100 lines of C# and pissed around with F# and IronRuby for an hour or so. I basically have no .NET experience, and certainly no experience with any .NET web frameworks like ASP.NET MVC etc.

But I’m thankful for the unsolicited gratitude even if it is based on egregiously false assumptions.

I saw a notice recently posted up near where I live about how some teenagers had grabbed a cat from one of the residents and tortured it to death.

This is why I have very little faith in human nature.

Just saw a pasty white English dude wearing a t-shirt proclaiming himself an “OG 4 Life”.

Believable, obviously.

I have to wince at least once a week when I am listening to friends or interesting people in the skeptical community completely mangle philosophy without even the slightest shame at all.

Silicon Valley’s libertarian wing have some choice nutters speaking at their ‘Reboot’ shindig.

Pando’s piece is perhaps a wee bit too attack dog but on otherwise fine form.

7 Simple Rules For Live Tweeting An Event. Or you could just write a blog post about the event, which has the advantages of not being owned and controlled by Twitter, giving you as large a canvas as you need to actually report accurately on what’s being said rather than condensing it down to 140 characters, and serving as a far more useful long-term historical record.

Publishing on your own site rather than on corporate silos is even more important if you have public service obligations.

If you spend enough time reading the thoughts of misogynists and Men’s Rights types, you’ll eventually see a sentence roughly of this type: “men don’t act on their emotions because they are rational and logical”. As opposed to women who are overly emotional, illogical and irrational, obviously.

This is an excellent explanation for why grown men beat the shit out of each other outside pubs and bars having established a disagreement on some aspect of professional sports.

You know that thing teenage boys supposedly do where they yawn and stretch their arms out and then use it as an excuse to put their arm around the shoulders of their date.

Yesterday, a woman did that to me on the tube. I turned my head and shot daggers at her with my eyes and she took her arm away.

What the fuck.

There are people out there who believe God can speak to them, and will instruct them while driving.

This is why I just cannot understand how intelligent people can take religion seriously. If you take religion seriously, you have to take very seriously the idea that the car driver in his case could potentially be getting real instructions from the creator of the universe.